What does it mean to be Resilient?

Our Story in a series of word-images.

1996.  Managing sales operations on the NYMEX trading floor.  Billions of dollars in commodities changing hand daily.  Excitement.  A rush. A limited sense of purpose.  

A crushing injury.  The end of one career and the start of a new journey with a newfound purpose.  
Bringing people together through trade.  Building businesses and strengthening relationships. Unlocking value.  Harnessing technology.  Embracing the future.  Building a better world.
Resilient: (adjective) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions
Our team is comprised of visionaries grounded by real-world experiences who join with clients to triumph over their challenges and not let circumstance have the last word. 

Join us and let's work together for a sustainable, abundant, future!