Worldclass Expertise To Tackle Today's Most Pressing
Enterprise Challenges

Resilient Resources has partnered with Above PAR Advisors, a strategy, innovation, and design consulting firm led by former Accenture partners to bring an elevated level of global problem solving and enterprise solutions expertise to its clients.
POST Mergers and Acquisitions Infrastructure Integration and Rationalization
Enterprise Resiliency - Cyber Risk Reduction and Iron Perimeter
Scheduling Deconfliction for Business Model Transformation
Addressing Pressing Challenges Present Today and In the Future
Infrastructure Integration and Rationalization (Post Merger & Acquisition)

Like water, the cycles of the market lead to periods of ebb and flow.  Some companies are growing while others are contracting.  In either case, too often personnel, equipment, infrastructure, and culture can become casualties of war on the battlefield of market share maneuvering.

Resilient Resources and Above PAR Advisors help clients achieve the clarity of mind and confidence necessary to make the right decisions that will bring honor, stability, and growth to the newly reconfigured organizations.  
Enterprise Resiliency - Cyber Risk Reduction and Iron Perimeter

As enterprises increase interfacing with, collecting data from, and channeling commands to devices connected to the Internet, the risk for the data to be intercepted, manipulated, or the communication pathways themselves to be hijacked increases.  From healthcare and hospitals to e-commerce fulfilment warehouses to vehicle tracking and location systems, the threat index is moving from business disruption to physical liability, loss, and brand trust dissolution.

Resilient and Above PAR Advisors stabilize the enterprise around a core foundation comprised of several key elements and custom deploy an iron perimeter around the organization from that point.
​Scheduling Deconfliction for Business Model Transformation

The ability to keep personnel, resources, and plans on-time and on-budget is the key to success whether you are launching a rocket, building a Fortune 500 company, bringing the next breakthrough drug to market, introducing a better form of banking or scheduling students or physicians.

Scheduling Deconfliction provides a foundation for innovation and data-informed insight.  

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