Scheduling Deconfliction for Business Model Transformation

The ability to keep personnel, resources, and plans on-time and on-budget is the key to success whether you are launching a rocket, building a Fortune 500 company, bringing the next breakthrough drug to market, introducing a better form of banking or scheduling students or physicians.

Resilient and Above PAR Advisors have teamed with a group of Artificial Intelligence experts whose solutions are helping to keep the satellites circling the globe, ensuring the Boeing Dreamliner stays on-time and budget in reaching the market, and tackling a variety of challenges at the Department of Defense, the US Departments of Commerce, Education, Energy, and others.

Scheduling Deconfliction provides a foundation for innovation and data-informed insight:

  • Room usage and maximization for office and college campuses
  • Improvements in research and development
  • Upgrades to supply chain purchasing and materials sourcing
  • Future vendor selection based on projected needs / changes in the business model
  • And more

The bottom line is this: the ability to know how best to use the time you have and where to focus your efforts is invaluable.  Let’s talk today about how you can begin tapping into this super power for your organization.

Resilient Resources is a proud participant in Above PAR’s Innovation Lab which is looking at changing markets and business models and coming up with insight and implementable solutions that change possible future outcomes for clients.

When the elements of your organization and the resulting time tables and the way that different components affect others are more complex than the following, you need a different level of expertise.

We are being called in by major institutions and are ready to speak with you about your needs.

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