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Minority Access Partners  Program

Rearrange the pieces.  
Remove roadblocks.
Add resources.  
Minority Access Partners - We act as a bridge between corporations and government agencies to identify scalable resources that address critical needs within diversity budgets.

We keep it simple so our clients can overcome challenges and unlock growth.
Our Approach

Infrastructure Integration and Rationalization (Post Merger & Acquisition)

Cyber Risk Reduction and Iron Perimeter

Scheduling Deconfliction for Business Model Transformation

Resilient brings former Accenture Partners and a team that worked with a third of the world's governments and wrote the Resiliency Plan for AT&T after 9/11 to bring enterprises future-forward business model transformation.

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IoT Big Data Technologies

Internet of Things (IoT)
Big Data
Virtual / Augmented Reality
Alternative Energy
and much more.
We use technology to remove risk and release the full potential in a business model.  Not IT Consulting - Relevant Bleeding Edge Technology Solutions.

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International Trade

Cross-border Trade Missions
Latin America
Chambers of Commerce
Hispanic Market Positioning
Commodities (Actual Buyers and Sellers)
Creative Capital Solutions

Resilient has the relationships and the expertise to help you harness the power of global markets.
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